Label: Just Add Serotonin

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything. There’s a good reason for that. I’ll get to it shortly. Before I do, however, I want to revisit the purpose for which I started blogging. What I say in the “about” section is accurate, but I think the picture I have in mind is larger […]

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Part II: Abstracta

When I lived in Denver I took a part time job working at a fine arts gallery. It was a large gallery that carried a variety of art forms. We had paintings, sculptures, mixed media pieces and even a small section with local folk art. When I was alone in the gallery I’d run my […]

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Mini Post: Living Architecture

With the exception of a few, short-term roommate situations over the years, I’ve always lived alone. I am sure it’s partly due to personality—as gregarious as I am in public, I’m essentially an introvert—but it also has to do with having control over the aesthetic quality of my space. Over the years it’s become obvious […]

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Part 1: The Beginning

Talking about loss is never easy. When losing takes the form of a very long untangling you become good at forgetting. And when you allow yourself to remember, everything starts to ache all over again. I feel arthritic and bent by time. I’m moving through this terrain slowly. The story I’m carrying is so richly […]

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How To Love in Three Easy Steps

I live in a small, urban, studio. From my desk in the corner of the room, I can see almost my entire life. Currently: The sun slips obliquely through the south-facing windows, limning the arched back of a dog on a disheveled bed. Rumpled on a chair is the heated blanket I washed, hung to […]

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Mini Post: About Love

One of my goals for Deep Web is to address issues people are actually grappling with on a daily basis. I try to listen, very carefully, on social media to hear what isn’t being said, but what really needs to be said. Then I try to meet this need. This week, we’ve heard a lot […]

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