Minutiae: Six Short Stories

You think that what you have to offer is a wound. Or, perhaps it’s a scar. What is depends on your location in a story. But maybe what you have and give is just yourself, with this or that feature. The possibilities are alarming. ***** You just wanted attention. Well, you got it. Maybe. It […]

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On Distancing Ourselves

My plan for this week has fallen into a state of chaos. There are a number of ways to respond to chaos, but only some of them are productive. I’m opting bring order to this state of affairs by adapting rather than forcing an agenda. The original plan was to craft a piece about the […]

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Mini Post: Walk This Way

I’m trying something new in response to a perceived need among my readers, which is this: more frequent and spontaneous content. I’d like my project to be fluid and flexible, to address real needs rather than mere abstractions. However, I have a need to maintain a strict writing schedule during the week so that I […]

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